Ready to go from staring at a blank screen to writing words that connect with your audience, tell your brand story, and turn clicks into cash?



The Copy Shoppe


A plug-and-play template shoppe (and the first solution of its kind) to help you take #ALLTHEWORDS in your head and turn them into copy that sells. 




The Do It Yourself Process 

For Cash Generating Words 


The Copy Shoppe templates are not your average swipes! It’s your one stop shop of done-for-you copy (with a twist of do-it-yourself) without the done-for-you Copywriting price. 


And there is no writing experience required...just the magic of my writing superpowers mixed with your word replacement skills.

Enter the Shoppe



Your ticket to never getting stuck or staring at a blank screen again. Talk about your offer so it sells like hotcakes.



Attract the right people and turn their clicks into cash.


Tell your story in a way that connects with your audience and leaves them wanting more.


Sell your services instead of just talking about them. 


Get the templates to DIY the words for your entire website (home, about, services, and contact pages).



You finally got the right people on your email list. Keep them there, connected, and engaged.

7 emails + 7 subject lines


Why should you use a template from The Copy Shoppe?

  • It’s DIY copywriting made simple.

  • Using plug-and-play templates will save you time (and money).

  • You get to combine professional copywriting format with your own voice and branding spin (i.e. turn your thoughts into words with a massive amount of value). 

Stop piecing it all together - when it comes to writing. 


“I struggle with writing copy. Tiffany helped me connect with my audience, be more impactful and generate an additional stream of income for my business.”

- @luanahuesing



“Tiffany helped me execute changes to the sales page of my signature program, changes that will lead to more consultations and enrollments!”

- @sharvettem



“Tiffany’s mini bundle, Master The Copy {workbooks, templates, prompts, mini courses} is EVERYTHING! It gave me more time to focus on creating.”

- @thejayneelleshop

Hey! I’m Tiffany, your magical word wizard!

...and I'm here to help you effortlessly write words that sell. 


After starting my copywriting business in June of 2018, I realized there was so much hesitation around writing copy and content. SO much staring at blinking cursors on the computer screen. People were spending too much time planning + writing, which meant less time in their zone of genius. 


Helping clients generate over 20K in sales, I know that the secret to selling rests within your messaging. 


As a former English teacher, Communications expert, and Public Relations queen, I have a wealth of resources and skills to help you level up your word game. 


I can’t wait to help get you excited about selling with words!

You have a question?

I have an answer! 

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Is this for (insert industry)?

I don’t see the template I’m looking for.

Can I get a refund? 

What’s included with my purchase?

What if writing is not my thing?

Can I get coaching or advice before, during, or after using the templates to write my emails, sales page, social captions, or website? 

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