Master the Copy DIY Copy Mini Bundle

Ready to write copy & content effortlessly?

You’re a rockstar when it comes to serving in your zone of genius. But...writing takes up so much of your time! Master the Copy Mini Bundle is the answer to get you unstuck, elevate your voice, and tell your brand story.

  • Frame your signature offer to seamlessly attract your dream client.
  • Craft your brand story with a simple messaging strategy.
  • Ditch the content hamster wheel, so you can put time back into doing what you love!

Let's be honest...
how many times have you stared at that blinking cursor willing words to appear on that blank screen?!?

You've done all the free trainings, downloaded every free content calendar, and still haven't found your brand voice. Planning monthly copy & content is the last thing you want to do, because...It. Takes. So. Much. Time. When you finally do punch some words out, you're constantly second guessing yourself...

"Did I say the right thing?" "Is this going to help me attract the right clients?" 


You're just not a good writer, right? 



Picture This With Me...

A Brand Story That Sells 

You have a clear message that speaks directly to your clients and sells your signature offer, so that you can hit your 4, 5, or 6-figure income goals. 

Content + Copy That Gets You Seen 

Your words effortlessly attract your dream clients. 

A System That Give You Time Back 

You have a writing system that works! You can finally eliminate the dread that comes with planning and writing your monthly content and copy. 

Here's What You Get

with Master the Copy Mini Bundle 



3 trainings focused on framing your signature offer, curating your brand story, and designing a copy system that works…so that you can put your content and copywriting on autopilot.



Over 16-pages of templates and worksheets that are the tools behind building your DIY copy and content empire.



Must have email sequences to make writing, launching, and selling effortless.



Signature checklists to ensure a seamless copy workflow. 



A 6-month content calendar to help you plan with ease. 



All of the juicy upgrades...forever. 

Stop piecing it all together - when it comes to writing. 

This value-packed mini bundle was created with you in mind. It was designed to help you FINALLY create copy and content....effortlessly. 


Master the Copy Mini Bundle was designed from a Communications, Public Relations, and Educational background, to help you master your message, curate your brand story, and create a copy + content system that works for you. 



Hi, I'm Tiffany, 

...and I'm here to teach you effortless writing. 


After starting my copywriting business in June of 2018, I realized there was so much hesitation around writing copy and content. People were, spending so much time planning and writing, which meant less time in their zone of genius. 


Helping clients, generate over 20K in sales, I know that the secret to selling lies within your messaging. 


My background in Communications, Public Relations, and Education gave me the resources to create this mini course so that you could have the tools to write effortlessly. 




3 power packed workshop trainings

Plug-and-Play email templates


6-month interactive content calendar


Lifetime access

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